THE RANDOM COLLECTIVE is a nomadic collective, based somewhere in Europe. With constant movement and changing purposes, we create a growing network of artists, researchers, thinkers  and
techies all over the place. With different approaches on collaborative work methods, autonomy, nomadism and self empowerment, we create artworks, laboratories as well as other forms of gatherings. Below you find an incomplete overview of recent projects and what we do. If you're interested or with any need of communication ? Contact us!



The project workers 4 is a multimedia installation created in a collaborative process. Reflecting on the current world of work and a future without work it creates a virtual dystopy, in wich the current state of society is exaggerated: What happens when work as a main social category dissappear? How do society hold together? What‘s about power? And who is doing the work that is need to be done? Can data really do everything? What happens to the body in a virtual reality and the need for reproductive work? Will there be art and artist?Instead of answers a wide range of referencies is opened out on the aesthetical and theoretical level, from the new big thing of superfood to criticisim of the art market, from metropolis to cloud rap. In this cluttered, excessive and exhausting conglomerate there is a taste of now and the becoming, of past and possible futures. Besides the exaggaration the now and current is always there on a meta level. Rendering the process of production and construction visible in the film and as a part of the installation there is a double layer of reflection on work in general and artistic working condition in particular, interwoven into the (neoliberal) need and (utopian) desire to collaborate. Check out that video!


Hotel Desterro talks about the colonial memories between Portugal and Africa intertwined with contemporary West-African art. The project begins in a patio of a former pottery in Lisbon’s city center, where the narrative depicts the life of its inhabitants: the car mechanics, a fire extinguisher technician and his warehouse, a house appliances repairer and anascetic vagabond, alongside with the journey of a bus riding south to West Africa. Memories and stories from European old colonies are approached in a non-linear narrative,  creating a transitional space between documentary and fiction.


For more information about the project check out the HOTEL DESTERRO: MAGAZINE


With a theoretical project proposal we were invited to participate in a residency in the Roundabout LX space in Lisbon, Portugal. There we developed first concepts for experimental reality shifts, done with self-built VR-helmets. The synchronization between ones perception trough human senses and the virtual helmets created reality shocks. In playful stations inside the laboratory we elaborated further possibilites for projects.


With a project grant for young theatre groups from the cultural department of the city of Munich we were able to continue our development which lead to the theatre piece MULTI USER DUNGEON, a combination of japanese Nô theatre and virtual reality overlays inside a gallery installation.


The Gato Aleatório collective was founded 2014 to organize Random Kino Lisboa, an international event gathering about 50 artists and cineasts in order to create an experimental creative common space - To make and screen films.


For the realization of short films developed in accordance with non-competitive work processes of co-creation, collaboration and sharing, always guided by a principle of autonomy. Every session starts with a production meeting to present all possible projects to each other and ends with a public screening. In 2015 over 30 very unique and special films have been created by people from all over.


These can be watched on the Vimeo Account of Gato Aleatório.